Descriptions and links to some of my websites

Currently my primary project is Home And Gifts .biz

An on-line shopping mall for Metuchen New Jersey.  The Mall will feature links tio local business's and stores, an on-line acution, and space for local businesses to sell their products on-line.

Home and features thousands of household accessories, collectibles, and items perfect for gift-giving. Our prices are well below retail, and all of your items are covered by a money back guarentee.

Metuchen on the Net bannerA big long term project is the development of a large new site, meant to be an on-line community for Metuchen New Jersey.  This site will include local services such as website design, maintenance and webhosting.  It will serve as a gateway site for Metuchen netcitizens with a local calendar, classifieds, a directory of Metuchen and local sites, and a kid's page.  I am developing two new webrings for the site, dedicated to bringing together the netcitizens in my town.

a shop in Metuchen Mall, featuring a full line of t-shirts, caps, mugs, mousepads, and many more items, all featuring Metuchn New Jersey logos. is a non-profit site dedicated to the guaifenesin therapy for fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, and multiple chemical sensitivities.  It has a companion site, below.

Paul B is a  homesite for a lawyer, specializing in Internet and entertainment law.

FUTID Productions specializes in helping start-up and emerging companies grow, by approaching the raising of capital strictly as a marketing process.

the homepage of Refuge, a Catholic music ministry, serving the Body of Christ Prayer Group and leading praise and worship at a variety of Catholic functions.

is a whimsical page devoted to Spirit Devlin, a delight and opinionated feline.

a page devoted to the environmental poetry of Frances Weinberg.

A local caterer in Middlesex County New Jersey. SITE IS NO LONGER ACTIVE

a small commercial page for a laundromat located in Metuchen New Jersey.

Sites on the netunique web design and hosting for small business and personal sites.

Windy Starr's Homepage BannerWindy's site is a commercial site with unusual and mystical objects.

This is a page which I'm developing to connect up my worldwide family through the web.  It will include genealogical and historical information related to the name of Wondrak.  This site will also provide mailing lists and other feedback tools.

The Female Computer Nerds Webring; the name says it all.  If you are a female computer nerd and would like your business site included in the ring, e-mail me at

Some of my experimental projects including past holiday cards.

Here's my resume giving more specific information on my professional experience, and a bio sheet containing more information about me.

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